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The Start of the T-shirt Company That Made Millions


Yes, as much as you want to know which t-shirt company made it to the Fortune500 list, this article is nowhere close to what you think. T-shirts sell like hot cake these days. You find an offer online and jump to the website to see the new collections. Starting from the cool graphics to the quality of the t-shirts, everything seems to fit what you like; not to mention the price that you checked first! Well, that is the craze for t-shirts alright and today, it is not just about the simple and minimalist approach like Nike or Adidas or the other big guns in the industry. Keep reading and you will find an easy way to get into the t-shirt business that will flourish quickly over time.

Deciding a niche 

Skipping to the part where you have already decided that a 9 to 5 job is not your cup of tea, and you want to start something interesting; something that will attract the attention of the age group that you are in. Selling t-shirts online can be one way you can become a millionaire. It is no joke because it has been tried and tested and the test has been a successful one for many. Before you think of what they have done, it will be better if you think of a niche first.

No one likes solid coloured t-shirts. That’s a harsh fact. A collared t-shirt can still be considered but not a round-neck one. You should think of a niche that you will be the base of the graphics that you put on the t-shirts. The first niche that one can think of is superheroes. There are enough superheroes put together by Marvel and DC together and they all got some cool logos and quotations. Similarly, you need to decide on the niche first before moving on to the graphics.

Designs and graphics 

As the owner of the t-shirt company, you should think from the viewpoint of the customer. What would I like if I wanted to buy superhero t-shirts? Will it be just the logo of Batman or a combination of his logo and a quotation or will it be just the quotation? There will be several answers. So, do a quick online check on some of the popular sites that are already selling similar t-shirts online. See what they are selling. Point to be noted, this is not cheating! This is merely observing what your competitors are doing to survive in the market.

Once you have an idea of the kind of stuff that is selling, you can approach the designing part. Make sure that the graphics are different enough from what you saw on the websites of your competitors. It will be better to start with a single niche and see what the response is from the customers. Accordingly, you can introduce new niches as and when the time comes. A word of caution, none of the designs should be offensive to caste, colour, creed, or even have sexist signs or language.

Consider the quality of the t-shirts 

Cotton t-shirts are a hit these days. Synthetic t-shirts have had their success in the past but customers have finally gone back to cotton t-shirts because they are extremely comfortable. Wear it with a denim, wear it to college or at a party or anywhere you go, they look with anything and anywhere. So, instead of thinking about a range of qualities, it will be better to stick to cotton. At least, for the initial testing period. Another reason why cotton t-shirts are so popular now is that they have the ability to retain the colour of the graphics that are put on them. They do can be hand washed, tumbled dried, or washed in any which way but the colours won’t go.

Most importantly, the colours of the t-shirts don’t fade away. This is the base colour of the t-shirt that we are talking about. The t-shirt company that claims that the same kind of color will retain even in synthetic t-shirts, they are lying, to be honest. Cotton t-shirts are way superior to all the other type of t-shirts available. So, if you are going to be the t-shirt company that is known for its reliability, then don’t skimp on the quality of the t-shirts.


Pay attention to the graphics quality

This is one of the key areas that you have to spend a considerable amount of time on. There are three different methods available that can help to print the t-shirts:

Screen printing is an age-old technique that may be a cost-effective idea but it is hard to print simple designs and images. Also, if there are lots of colours involved, it can get pricey. Heat transfer, on the other hand, is not an entirely safe method. The quality of the prints is not up to the mark. They don’t last for a long time and may not be a good idea after all. Lastly, there is DTG that operates almost like an ink-jet printer. These offer highly accurate detailing of the graphics, they are long-lasting, there are unlimited colour options, and will suit your needs perfectly. Now, you know which one to choose.

Develop a website and promote your brand

Getting a website developed is easy. There are plenty of freelancers who can design an amazing website to sell t-shirts. Since you will be starting new, it will be best to market your products on the social media websites. There are millions of people who are logged in to different social media websites every hour. Once the website goes live, make sure you reach the target customers through these sites. That will be the ideal way to promote your brand.

The t-shirt company that you have always admired once was a small company. If you dream to grow big in this industry, you need to be creative and honest enough for the product that you are selling.