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Why You Need Custom Graphics on Your Website


Photography certainly has its place in web design. Many cutting-edge and popular websites in the 21st century utilize high-quality stock and custom photos to create the image that they want for their business or personal websites. This has become such a popular method of decorating one’s site that it can be easy to forget about the importance of custom graphics. In addition to well-placed photographs, websites benefit from having customized graphics created for their ambition.

People are Visual Learners

It is easier to send a message, impart information or spread awareness of your brand if you implement eye-catching, high-quality graphics. As much as 65% of the population learns best when they are presented information in a visual format; in fact, odds are that you may even be one of these visual learners yourself! The combination of appealing text and well-crafted digital art means that more people will understand and appreciate what you are trying to say.

Consider the fact that infographics are such a popular way of sharing data. These graphics provide a streamlined way of looking at information, in a way that is more clearly displayed and easier on the eyes than a text-only informational chart. This reasoning can be applied to any website that you own or create.

Graphics are Versatile

You might not even notice how much graphics play a role in our consumption of data on a daily basis, but the reality of it cannot be overstated. Graphics can be, and are, implemented in a number of ways by webmasters and their web designers. Custom graphics can make any project shine, from a new home page header to snazzy details on an email blast, in a way that text alone cannot.

Custom Graphics Will Complement Your Site’s Theme

Stock graphics or ones that have been repurposed from other projects might be nice to look at, but you’re not the only one using them. This makes it impossible for your site to be 100% unique and true to the vision that you have in your head. It also makes it more challenging to create a website that has a consistent look across all of its pages. A custom graphics designer will be able to create graphics based on the theme you’ve chosen and will work with you to stay true to your vision while creating images that consumers will want to see.

Images drive so much of what we do and consume on the internet and elsewhere, so it’s not worth it to cut corners and neglect the importance of custom graphics. For every website that thinks that stock photography is “good enough,” there is a website out there with customized content that’s taking their traffic.

Custom graphics serve far more purposes than “just” getting the attention of your visitors. They impart information, facilitate a layout that’s easy for them to navigate once they’ve reached your landing page, and create an image that is unique to your brand. Having strong content is great but is often not enough. If your website is struggling to get the viewership you’ve hoped for, consider the addition of custom graphics for that much-needed signal boost.